mikayla zerafa, 18, australian

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  • my brother is so cute ❤️🙊😂 #hesgonnahurttheladies #butillkillhimifhedoes

    does anyone on here have snapchat? bc I need friends

    15 April, 2014


The Story So Far - Empty Space (x)

    holy fucking shit. so ready to just fucking end it all. you’re bringing back all those horrible fucking memories.

    14 April, 2014

    Anonymous: I'm sure it will all be better! Always look on the bright side of life ^_^

    I wish I could

    12 April, 2014

    Anonymous: Out of everything, what's the biggest thing? Or shittest thing? Life's too short to be unhappy!

    absolutely everything. I’m not even kidding. haha everything is shit

    12 April, 2014

    Anonymous: What's on your mind atm?

    absolutely everything

    12 April, 2014

    RE time fgts 🌀👌 @jacintaajenner